The Building Blocks Of Linkedin – Headlines

The Building Blocks Of Linkedin


With 120 characters to utilize, your Linkedin headline can determine how much exposure you will gain to those clients, employers, and even potential employees that you want to attract the attention of professionally. As of December, 2015 Linkedin has over 400 million users, and is continuing to grow at a steady rate, and with 94% of recruiters, and HR Managers utilizing the site to obtain relevant, and qualified candidates for open positions across the world it is a site that users need to be utilizing correctly in order to achieve their present career goals.

Writing a keyword based headline on your LinkedIn profile will increase your chances of attracting HR Managers, and Recruiters to you. If you are unsure of what keywords to apply to your Linkedin in profile below you will find insight that will assist you with creating the right Linkedin Headline that will attract the right professionals to you.

For years the majority of professionals have written their LinkedIn headline with the intention of simply targeting their present job title and present company. What this has unfortunately done has taken them off of the radar to potential employers, and clients where they may have a better opportunity than they already have. Those who are searching for someone on Linkedin are doing so with the intention of finding the correct fit for their needs, and a generic job title, and present employer does nothing to attract or, raise curiosity, and raise the interest of the person performing the research. Raising interest in the person performing the research is the goal that you want to have as raising that interest is what will lead you to receiving the phone call or, email that should be your ultimate short term goal.

So, with all of that taken into consideration; How do you use your headline to attract more attention from the right clients, potential employers, and recruiters? Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What value will you bring to a client or, organization?
  • Who or What Organization is your target?
  • What are your focus areas – where are you able to thrive the most?
  • What skills do you perform, and perform well?

If you are a Real Estate Agent, you will want to include the specific area of Real Estate such as Sellers Agent, Buyers Agent, Commercial Agent, Land Agent, Leasing & Rental Agent or, REO Agent. Consider using targeted adjectives, and phrases that catch the attention of your targeted reader such as “award-winning” or “Top Producer” to describe yourself in your Linkedin Headline. Example: “Top Producing, and Award Winning Atlanta REO Real Estate Agent Seeking New Listing Contracts.” (All in only 93 Characters out of the allotted 120 characters that Linkedin gives its users.)

With all of this taken into consideration do not be afraid to change your headline every few months in order to continue capturing interest. Change is inevitable, and those who utilize Linkedin to their advantage successfully will confirm; Change in this area leads to growth, and generally speaking regardless of the subject matter growth leads to continual success of your goals. Stop fighting change but, instead embrace it, and watch as Linkedin becomes a social networking tool that you will begin to take as seriously as you take the importance of your resume as together they will provide you with key leads because, of the hard work, and effort that you have placed into both your Linkedin Profile as well as your Resume.




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