The Latest Resume Trend That Sets You Apart



Misty L. Burrell / EmBeWrites Resume

Your Resume doesn’t have to be boring.  Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a minute and draft up one of my Custome Resume Templates for myself.

Over the next few days I will be drafting up a few more Resumes, and CV’s to give my potential clients a better understanding of what all can be done to add creativity to their online portfolios, blogs, and websites.  These of course can be printed and utilized for paper copies as well.

Would you like one drafted for yourself by chance?  If so please feel free to call me or email me for $35.00 Creative Resume Templates similar to the Resume shown above custom tailored to fit your career, and your job search needs, and desires.

With convenient Monday – Saturday business hours from 9AM until 7PM and Sunday scheduling by appointment only it’s as simple as making the phone call or, shooting out the initial email, and the rest of the process is as simple as an afternoon in the park.

Take the Resume drafting and Resume writing stress off of yourself, and let me take care of it for you in just a few simple steps.

It doesn’t need to be as stressful as you are finding it to be.  Not when you have a professional resume writer right in front of you that loves what I do, and writes resumes as my full time career.

Perhaps you want to stick with a more traditional resume.  Please feel free to contact me regarding purchasing a traditional resume instead.  Either way, I look forward to assisting you.

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