6 Cheap Date Ideas She Will Love

6 Cheap Date IdeasThat She Will Love

I’ve never dated a whole lot.  I’m 31, and so use to being single but, if you know anything about my life there is this cycle that I have been fighting for years that doesn’t seem to die, and because that cycle exists I made a choice to shut myself off, and stop getting my hopes up so that the cycle would stop.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.  It’s better to be single rather than hurt, disappointed, and left feeling used right?  I’m not looking for opinions – I’m just in waiting, and I’m honestly okay with being in waiting because, being in waiting gives me (and you) the opportunity to further develop ourselves, and work on personal growth that makes us a better compliment for the right person when the time is right.  I’ve come back to a place where my heart for all intensive purposes has been opening itself back up but, I’m just being me, working my butt off, and waiting for the right time, and the right person because, if it isn’t with the right person, and if it isn’t with someone who will honor me, respect me, and value me then I quite honestly don’t want it, and don’t have the time to waste on it when my focus is on work, and continuing to pursue my goals in business.  If a man comes along, and is my compliment with the right intentions, Great but, until that happens – I am totally, and completely okay with just focusing on my Freelance Writing business, and continuing to grow.

For the most part I’m pretty simple.  I don’t enjoy extravagant things, I’m not materialistic at all, and quite honestly I’m one of those people who for the most part would much rather stay in than go out, and spend money on dinner that can be cooked right at home for half of the price.   It got me thinking about the possibilities for dates that the men in our lives can arrange for the women that are like myself.

So here are 6 ideas to start with:

  1. Picnics – It could be at the park, in your back yard or, even in your living room where you set up blankets, turn the fireplace on, and enjoy a bottle of wine, some cheese, crackers, pesto, and don’t forget the black olives.  (It’s a really good combination – seriously, I highly recommend trying it.  And yes, because I know men will read this – it is filling.
  2. Poetry Readings & Bookstore Events – Does she have a favorite Author?  Does she have a favorite poem?  Does she have an infatuation with a book series that a bookstore or, library is holding an event where that piece or series is being included or featured?  Take her – most often times these events are free admission, and include light appetizers as well as a chance to network, and meet new people.  She’ll love it, and best of all it’s in a quiet, environment where it will still feel like a date.
  3. A Braves Baseball Game – Buy nose bleed seats for $10 or less each, and enjoy each others company while watching people have fun on the cams, and don’t forget to stick around for the dance party, and fireworks – that’s the best part (IMHO).  Some of my favorite experiences of my 20’s included Turner Field with friends in the nose bleed seats, and yes, the dance party, and fireworks afterwards was always the best part.  It’s more about who you are with than what you are doing.  What you are doing won’t matter if you are with the person or, the people you love, and want to be with.
  4. Cook Dinner For Her – I love to cook, it’s one of my favorite things in the world to do but, when a man takes the initiative goes out, buys the ingredients, and cooks dinner – even better if it includes candles (just for the record) how can you as a woman not love that?  One of my favorite dates was when one of my ex’s invited me over, and made a ham steak dinner, and we cuddled on the couch where he introduced me to Gone With The Wind.  I had never seen it but, it was honestly one of the two best dates we ever had, and trust me when I say that, that man was so good to me, and spent a ton of money on me taking me out.  For me it’s not about the money that is spent though – I could honestly care less about it.  It’s about the time together, and sharing life together not the money.
  5. Outdoor Movies – In Metro Atlanta there are several options for this throughout the spring, and summer. Take advantage of them.  The movie might be corny but, anyone who says that embracing your inner child for a couple of hours is bad or immature needs to take a chill pill.  We live in a society where we spend more time working than enjoying – take a couple of hours, unwind, and embrace your inner child – you’ll thank me for this later.
  6. Familiarize Yourself With Local Bands & Festivals – Local bands play in a variety of venues, parks, and even bars.  Grab a couple of drinks, order an appetizer, and enjoy your night.  My top Recommendation for a local Atlanta Band:  Kate & Corey  Every time I listen to them I remember back to my 8th grade year listening to Corey play and sing Hotel California.  Those were some good times but, we’ve both come a very long way from the days of spending the bulk of our time in the chorus room singing Phantom of the Opera, Joseph, midnight Denny’s trips after every show, and Wed. nights in music team practice at church as well as Sunday Mornings of course.  *Smiles* They really were some of the best days of our lives weren’t they.  Oh to be that blind, and unknowing again.  We had a lot of very innocent fun though, that I can say confidently.  On The Festival Note; There is constantly something going on in Metro Atlanta – Enjoy Piedmont Park, Atlantic Station, and even Little 5 Points.  Again, there’s always something going on in this city, and metro area – take advantage of it, and have some inexpensive fun.

What other inexpensive date ideas have you come up with for cheap date ideas?  Feel free to post them in the comments section.


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