Job Searching 101: Brand Yourself Seriously

Branding Yourself Seriously

Personal Branding is a subject that many professionals whether they are a freelancer or, job seeker struggle with, and misunderstand the general concept of.

With 58% of companies performing Social Media Background Checks it is important for a freelancer or, job seeker to brand themselves correctly as well as efficiently.

Here are 3 ways to not just Brand Yourself but, Brand Yourself To Be Taken Seriously:

  1. Name Yourself Across The Board – Take EmBe Writes for example, when I branded myself, I branded myself across every social channel across the board that is used for both business, and personal use. There was once a time in my life that I didn’t agree with this practice but, the fact of the matter is that Branding yourself across the board will look good on your professional portfolio, and will assist in attracting the right Hiring Manager or, client regardless of whether you are a freelancer, small business or, job seeker.
  2. Make A Statement: Your professional statement gives Hiring Managers, and Clients the know of who it is that you are, and what you bring to the table. What are your strongest skill sets, where is the bulk of your experience? Place those key facts, and strengths in your Professional Statement / Bio Sections to make an immediate impact that will lead to the phone call that gets you the interview, and then, job or, client that you are targeting.
  3. Get A Website / Blog, Connect It Across The Board, and Don’t Forget To Update: Who are you? What do you stand for? What are your values? What are your hobbies, and passions? What are your strengths? Use those things to start a website or, blog, and post those things on Social Media. Publish it with your brand name, post your resume on a separate page, and create a blog or, website that will be found. Be someone real, be someone who will be seen as valuable, and don’t be afraid to share recipes, decorating trends, job search frustrations, personal and professional fashion trends, interview experiences etc. Be you, Be Real, Be confident but, again – Be You and show potential employers, and clients that life isn’t always all about business for you but, when it isn’t it’s about the things, places, and people that make you happy. They are going to look – keep it G / PG rated but, give them something worthwhile to look at.

What are your tips for Branding with Purpose, and Branding Yourself with the intention of being un-afraid to show customers, clients, and potential employers who you really are in order to instill a sense of transparency, and trust with them in order to gain the gig or, interview?

Feel free to comment below.


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