What A Typical Weekend Looks Like For A Freelance Writer

Weekend (1)

What does a typical weekend look like in the life of an Atlanta Freelance Writer?  It’s a common misconception actually because, most people assume we take weekends off, and I can quite honestly tell you that, that is not at all the case.

The truth is, is that a Freelance writer that is growing, and booming in their business never gets the opportunity to take the weekend off because, taking time off means losing clients, and not meeting deadlines, and expectations.

This weekend although I would have loved to have been walking around Little 5 Points, Atlantic Station or, Piedmont Park I spent all day Saturday speaking with business owners regarding getting their online store fronts, and email marketing campaigns set up for the holiday season.  Small Business Saturday was a huge hit this year, and with deals going on all across the United States for small business owners gearing up for the holiday buying rush there aren’t many small business owners that didn’t work, and freelance writers such as myself took advantage of the opportunity with a smile on our face because, when business is good – it’s thriving, and we all enjoy it.

A typical weekend in the life of a Freelance Writer includes:

Social Media Management, and calendar management for the following day(s).  I actually spent the bulk of Friday evening planning out Social Media for the weekend but, added some additional things throughout the day both Saturday, and Sunday.  I also posted my Small Business Saturday promotional flyer to the blog.

Finishing Up Work Left Over From The Work Week:  A freelance writer spends most of their weekend working on projects that came in later in the week ensuring that they get completed for their clients.  Many of my orders come in on Fridays, and due to that factor I spend most of my weekends completing those projects.  I’ve written 6 Resumes, 8 Cover Letters, 3 Pages of web content, and a reference letter this weekend, and still have more that I didn’t get to.

Creating Specials & Ads For The Work Week To Come: This week isn’t as complicated because, I already know what additional special I am advertising but, most weekends I spend time thinking about what I can do the following week to bring in new clients.  I love partnering with media firms but, the majority of media firms that I get only need a small set of reviews completed, and then my work with them is finished.  Steady streams from media firms are rare even though they exist – they just haven’t approached me on a steady basis (yet) therefore, all of my work comes in through ads that I place, and companies that need website content written or, individuals that need their resumes drafted for them.

Accounting:  I will be the first to admit, I don’t always get to it but, most Sunday’s I will spend entering data into one of my pre-formatted spreadsheets – I’m an excel nerd but, it makes month end, and year end – super easy on my part because, it’s just a matter of plugging in numbers where applicable, and because, I do my own taxes, and have been for years at this point I know what I can claim, and what I can’t as well as where to input all of the information inside of that spreadsheet.

Webinars And Youtube Videos:  In the life of me Sunday’s are a day where under no circumstances do I answer calls from clients or, potential clients, with this in mind it’s the perfect day to catch up on webinars, and youtube videos that I can’t always get access to during the week because, I spend so much time on the phone with potential, and present clients.  It’s never a bad thing to stay up to date, and in the know, and this is a great way to do it.

So there you go – It’s a weekend in the life of a Freelance writer.  At least my version of it, in case you found yourself wondering because, my truth is that other than to sleep I never leave my computer but, honestly, I don’t mind because, I’m grateful for the business, love what it is that I am doing, and love having the opportunity to work with and for all of the clients that I encounter.  It’s awesome, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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