Atlanta’s Most Expensive and Cheapest Rent Areas


As rent rates in the Metro Atlanta rental market continue to climb, more Atlanta renters are starting to seek other living options, which may start pushing millennials into rental homes vs apartments, and roommate living arrangements.

Millennials in Metro Atlanta still desire to live inside the perimeter near work, entertainment and public transportation but, what about the young professionals, and even general professionals outside of the millennial age range like myself who are just on the hunt for affordability, a desire to keep rising in their career, and want affordability with or, without public transportation options, and don’t care as much about entertainment, and nightlife but, need to get away from the stagnation that in my case Douglas county brings into their life?

Public transportation seems to be the key for my generation, and areas like Dekalb, North Fulton, and even East, and West Cobb are finally beginning to catch on where, Douglas county is still extremely slow to follow leaving their residents with un-affordable options that are forcing residents out rather them enabling them to remain in order to move further towards their career and life goals.

With average salaries for professionals evening out at just $34,000 a year divide this Forbes Report by 2, and you’ll be just under $34k, and with rental prices for a one bedroom at $1,250, and two bedrooms at $1,600 housing is becoming a larger crisis by the day for many Metro Atlanta, Georgia professionals that aren’t seeing an easy way to balance their career, and the basic necessities of life as easily as generations prior have been able to balance both.

So what are most affordable, and the most expensive neighborhoods around Metro Atlanta?  Lets take a look:

Atlanta’s most expensive neighborhoods on Public Transportation lines:

  1. South Tuxedo Park ($1,690)
  2. Peachtree Heights West ($1,640)
  3. North Buckhead ($1,590)
  4. Ansley Park ($1,530)
  5. Castlewood ($1,510)

Atlanta’s cheapest neighborhoods on Public Transportation lines:

  1. Hunter Hills ($695)
  2. Washington Park ($700)
  3. The Villages at Castleberry Hill ($800)
  4. Grove Park ($830)
  5. Vine City ($850)

There doesn’t seem to be a-lot of affordable options when you really do the research, and when you do the research you realize just how unfortunate the reality is.  Local counties, communities, and neighborhoods have the ability to change this however, given consistent increases in rent rates it appears as though this is becoming a problem that may only increase over time, and therefore, millennials as well as other professionals need to begin seeking alternative options for housing that fit their budget, and overall needs that align with their life, and overall career goals.

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