Real Estate Internet Marketing That Actually Bridges The Gap Between Vision & Results


Today I’m announcing an all new service plan designated just for Real Estate Brokers, and Agents.

My time in the industry, dating back to childhood tells me that teams, and brokers will pay an assistant on average 30 – 45 k a year to sit at a desk, and manage their social channels, write content, write listing descriptions based on photos, and very little extra which gives those assistants ample time to surf their own social media accounts.

Why pay that much when you can get someone to do the same for not even 1/3 of the monthly price?

My Real Estate services package that is month to month, and includes:

  • Website Content Revamp Or Creation to include all local, applicable, and relevant keywords to your targeted areas, and clients. (Local SEO tactics for the Real Estate field.)

  • 8 Unique Blog Posts Per Month (Averages out to be 2 per week) On any days of your choosing (2 separate days) all to include SEO, and Keyword Research that is relevant to your targeted area.

  • Unlimited Social Media Creation, and Management of all Social Accounts  – this enables you to focus on your clients while I do the Marketing work for you. What does this include? Building followers, Interacting on your behalf, sharing local, and industry related news. (The industry related News will be drafted most often through the form of unique blog content at no additional cost), as this brings continuous traffic to your website and blog.

  • Listing Boosts on Social Media of each individual listing that is yours or, your teams where applicable.

  • Congratulations posts to all of your valued clients at the close of each deal!

  • Unlimited Listing Description Writing based on property photos.

What is the cost? $300.00 Per Month.

If you are in a position where you feel as though you are trying to juggle clients while needing to actively gain new clients through Internet Marketing, social media, and other Industry related websites (Zillow, and Trulia) and are finding this to be to much of a challenge then I genuinely look forward to speaking with you, and beginning the process of working together at your earliest convenience.

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