Are You Placing Keywords Inside Of Your Resume?


In today’s employment world, most recruiting agencies, and corporations utilize an electronic system also known as an Applicant Tracking System to not just post their open positions but, to manage all applicants, and screen those applicants based on their applications, resumes, and cover letters in order to appropriately, and efficiently match their available job openings with those who are applying regardless of where that open position is posted (Craigslist, Indeed, Career Builder, Linkedin etc….)

Since all resumes, once submitted, are standardized and screening is performed on the basis of the content within, it becomes crucial for the individual applying for the open position to utilize text-based and job-specific resumes by incorporating keywords and phrases related to the specific position applied for. The general rule is to have a resume containing 25-35 keywords that relate to the job as well as the general industry. These keywords can be technological terms, job titles, job-specific skills, certifications, industry buzzwords, technical expertise, and even names of products and services that have been utilized in previous positions. These keywords that you are placing inside of your resume are simply stated the nouns that explain to HR Professionals, Recruiting Managers, hiring managers, and the systems that they utilize your skills, background, and compatibility with who their ideal candidate is in their minds.

So how do you determine what these keywords are? The answer to that question lies in the industry as well as the specific job description that you find yourself applying to. If you are applying to many different job titles within the same field that is okay as well but, targeting based on those job titles becomes a little more difficult, and in both cases you may find yourself in a position where you do not feel confident in writing that resume on your own, and there should be no shame at all in that. You want to succeed, You want to get the job that you really want, and you want a potential employer to see your true worth – I completely understand.

I put hours of time into the resumes that I write for others. As a freelance writer a big part of my job is to research, and what makes me unique is that I incorporate keywords in the resumes that I write just as I do for my clients who pay me to write their website content, and blog posts for them. SEO is just as important in your career tools (Resumes, Cover Letters, Thank You Letters, Online Portfolio) as it is on a companies website, and that is why I have continued to write resumes for professionals not just in the Atlanta area but, for clients that are looking for a Freelance Resume Writer at an affordable price that will use keywords, do the research, and write the resumes that will get them the interview that they need in order to gain the position that they really want.

Today, I’m offering a special for those who find themselves overwhelmed, and uncertain on this special.

Price: $35.00 – $15.00 off!!!!!

Payable through Paypal or Google Wallet prior to services being rendered.

Services Received: Professional Overview, A Cover Letter, and A Resume. Same Day Guarantee if ordered no later than 5 PM EST.

Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to assisting you in writing the resume that will get you the interview that you don’t just want but, need.

Call EmBe Writes @ 678-941-9330

or Email me @ to have your resume written immediately!

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