What Can You Buy In The Writing, Career, Content Writing, SEO, and Internet Marketing Field With Just $5.00?

EmBe Writes

$5.00 Service List

Effective: 10/12/2015

What can $5.00 buy me?

It’s a question that many of my clients find themselves asking. The economy is picking up, and yet professionals of all sectors of the business field became very accustomed to conservatively spending their money after the economy took a hit several years ago. It was an understandable practice, and yet with business back on the rise it is crucial that companies, and individuals both spend their money wisely.

This is why I, EmBe Writes as a freelance writer that provides nation wide freelance writing although I am based out of Metro Atlanta, Georgia have chosen to come up with a creative, unique service plan that I think you will all love regardless of what stage of business you are in.

Effective today, 10/12/2015 a new $5.00 services plan is going into effect. These new services that I have never offered before come with high anticipation which makes me even more excited to announce the following $5.00 services plan:

  • Press Releases – Up To 500 words & Submitted to the top 25 PR sites on the web.

  • Link Building – 50 Back Links leading back to your previously specified URL all topic and industry relevant as well as organic.

  • Social Media Schedule – Creation of social media schedule based on industry, and subject.

  • Internet Marketing Plan – Analysis of Your Industry, Trade, and Website to Create a Marketing Plan that will suit your budget, and needs.

  • Article Submissions – Submission of your Pre-Written articles to over 200 Article submission sites (Organic, White Hat SEO ONLY).

  • Content Spinning – I’m going back to the beginning with this one. If you find an article that you love but, do not want to violate copy write laws please feel free to send the article to me to spin the content, and make it uniquely your own. No subjects bore me – I love learning about new things, and for $5.00 you can’t beat it.

  • Guest Posting – Are you looking to be featured on a career or, business site? Are you looking for an opportunity to generate leads from outside of your own follower base? I’m always open to opening up my site to relevant content where for $5.00 you can post your original content (or, content that I’ve written for you right on my site) where you will gain several backlinks all at one time. This is organic SEO at it’s easiest, and for $5.00 you can not beat the price.

  • Blog Mentions, and Reviews – Opening a new restaruant in metro Atlanta? Opening a new store? Are you a Douglas County Chamber Member or, Douglasville, GA. Local business? I’d love the opportunity to sit down, and get an exclusive interview with you, and review you – Yes, for just $5.00.

  • Book Reviews – Publishing a new book? Looking for Review for a book that is already been published but, needs additional reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Good Reads just to name a few? Send me a free copy of your book, I’ll read it, and give your hard work the review that it deserves. Authors, I’m your new best friend, and because I know how hard it is to budget in marketing getting those first reviews on your published material are the hardest. Honestly, this is my favorite of all of my new services, and I’m excited to be of assistance to you.

  • Yelp Reviews – Regardless of you location or, Industry I’ll review your business on Yelp under my $5.00 writing services plan.

  • Amazon / Ebay / Website Product Descriptions – Do you have product descriptions that you need written for a web store? $5.00 for every 20 products. I’m going way back to the beginning with this one, and it truly makes me smile. I might just love data entry, and love working with online stores to build their online catalogs. Almost, as much as I love research, and content writing. What can I say – I’m a nerd.

  • PPC Ad Writing – Are you taking the DIY PPC Ad approach on Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo or, even Facebook? For just $5.00 I’ll write your ad for you to include SEO Keywords.

  • Keyword Research – Based on your company, industry, and goals for $5.00 I will provide you with Keywords, Phrases, Long Tail Keywords, and Short Tail Keywords that fit your goals, and business. A creative mind partnered with SEO experience is the best possible option for success in SEO. Don’t sell yourself short by missing words that could make you the most possible money.

  • Resume Editing – Times are hard and not everyone can locate a professional who will take the time to edit, and just change up a few words here, and there to make it more appealing to HR Professionals, and Managers. For $5.00 I will edit your pre-written resume.

  • Cover Letter Writing – Cover letters targeted to your experience, and the industry you are actually applying to. Many of my previous clients return for cover letters designed for one single company that they find themselves very excited to apply to. It is a practice that I highly recommend, and for $5.00 it’s well worth the money spent if you are truly serious about wanting that specific job.

  • Thank You Letters – Did you have a successful interview? Did you come out thinking – “This is my dream job” or “This is the exact career opportunity that I am looking for?” For $5.00 I will draft a customized thank you letter for you to email or, mail over to the hiring manager / HR professional that you interviewed with in order for you to stick out, and make them more sure of you. The person who puts in the most effort and work before even hired is the person that they are looking for as it shows them the effort that they will see once they hire you. Your work ethic matters as much as your sense of character.

  • Business Introductions / Written Sales Copy Writing – Look at my home page (www.EmBeWrites.Wordpress.com) Are you looking for sales copy that targets your goals? Are you looking for Business introductions that give your potential clients what mine see when they come to my site in order to gain understanding, trust, and confidence in the professional that they are considering to fulfill their professional writing, ad copy, content writing, article writing, and resume writing needs? For just $5.00 I will create a similar letter for you that will generate legitimate interest in your products or, services.

  • Real Estate Descriptions – Realtor’s, and For Sale By Owner ( FSBO Homeowners or, Investors) looking to put home listings on the market – I mean it when I say that I love working with, and for you. For $5.00 I will write your home descriptions for you, and love every second of it (I promise). I’ve spent the bulk of my life around the industry. Curating captivating descriptions for you just from looking at home photos or your home tours is nothing for me. If I didn’t need my eyes for the project I’d say that I could do this with my eyes closed but, yeah, you know what I mean. 🙂

  • Karaoke, DJ, and Dance List Conversion – Bar Owners, and DJ’s does your venue offer karaoke nights? Thanks to technology I can go into your media player and create a document for you to print out to your patrons to choose from for karaoke song selections, and song requests DJ’s this list is highly requested, and unfortunately almost never seen. It’s frustrating sitting at the bar or, standing at the DJ booth and not being able to come up with anything you want to sing or, having 5 songs picked out to only find out that the DJ doesn’t have it. Save yourself, and customers the frustration, and invest in the list that will give them the options that they are looking for. $5.00 for every 50 songs. (Song titles, and original artist will be listed.)

I hope that you are as excited about these new services as well as the pricing of them as I am. I’m truly excited about announcing these to you for the present, and future needs of my clients, and truly do look forward to continuing to have the opportunity to assist, and serve many of you who are loyal, and continue to come back project, after project while also gaining new clients who have already began expressing so much more interest than I originally anticipated when I announced that I was launching this $5.00 Content Writing Services List last night on my Twitter account.

Loved what you saw, and would like to place an order? Didn’t find what you were looking for? Have a suggestion of another $5.00 service? If so, feel free to message me directly at EmBeWrites@Gmail.com, Call me at 678-941-9330 or comment right here in the comments section, and let me know. As always not just your business but, your suggestions are welcome, valued, and truly appreciated.  For a full list of services please feel free to visit my full services and pricing page at: https://embewrites.wordpress.com/pricing/ or, the $5.00 SEO, Content Writing, Business, and Career Services page at: https://embewrites.wordpress.com/5-00-services-list/

Be Blessed,

EmBe Writes

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