The Top 5 Content Marketing Trends Of 2015

The Top 5 Content Marketing Trends Of 2015


Just a few short years ago we found ourselves at a cross roads in the Digital Marketing field. As a Freelance Writer with a background in the SEO, PPC, and Social Media Management field I was faced with a choice while being led down the path of black hat marketing, and it was one that ate at me until I didn’t have a choice but, to walk away from that position because, my morals, and values were to strong to stay at that company another second longer.

At this stage of 2015 we find ourselves outlining the future of content marketing in a way that it has yet to be mapped out. Each person that you will speak with in your search for a content writer will probably tell you something different, and the reason for this is because, at the end of the day each writer is uniquely themselves. They all have their own style, they all have their own method, and last but, not least they all have a different background where very few of us actually come from the SEO, and Internet Marketing field itself anymore.

When I made the choice to keep doing what it is that I realized that I loved to do, and branch out on my own I knew that I was different than the majority of my local competitors in the sense that I actually came from an SEO background. When I say that it is rare, I truly mean that it is rare, and what I have otherwise come to realize is that my talent is raw, and unique which makes what I am about to say make a lot more sense when you look at the path that is being set in the field for what it truly resembles.

  1. Content Marketing Is Becoming Direct, and Personal: Companies all across the world but, Predominantly in the United States are beginning to understand the necessity of quality again. Loyalty, Dedication, Hard Work, and Passion are all being rewarded again after years of what once use to be the fundamentals of a successful person or, company being ignored. Maybe one to many people finally got burned, and said enough is enough but, regardless change is occurring, and the effect that it is having is that it is causing millions of people to start their own businesses with the foundation, and character traits being that of Honesty, Transparency, and Building Relationships again, through good character.

  1. Clients Want A Writer Who Isn’t Afraid To Let Them Direct or, At Minimum Be A Part Of The Process: When the process of billions of layoffs and company closures began in the United States back in 2007 / 2008 and going into 2009 that caused financial ruin for billions of people what ended up happening is billions of people who had been loyal, faithful, hardworking, and dependable for however long felt as though they were robbed of a part of themselves. Many lost out in ways that they choose not to talk about, many lost homes, their families, their careers, possessions, etc…and what ended up happening was they were left out. In making the choice to begin their own business they have found themselves in a position where they feel as though they are in control again, and giving that control away is not easy, finding the ability to trust is not easy, and yet there is still a part of them that wants to. Their business, their website, their blog, whatever it is that they are producing or, selling – it is their project, it is their creation, and therefore, unlike their superiors of the past, this creation has become a way of re-gaining the control that they lost once upon a time, and therefore they want to be a part of the process. A good content writer will understand this, not get frustrated over the process, and work with their client to produce quality content that fits their clients goals.

  2. Visuals Are Key: In today’s society what we find happening is that visuals are becoming vital. Stock photos are everywhere, and yet hard to find at the same time. A quality content writer will know where to obtain those stock photos legally, and produce you with imaging that will gain the attention of prospective clients.

  1. Size Really Does Matter (At Least In This Case): We live in the information age. In a time when people search the web for information, and are more timid of trusting anyone information is how a business proves their credibility in todays online market place regardless of whether you are selling a product or, service. Size matters – Content needs to be reliable, informative, and filled with SEO in order to gain the attention desired but, how does one accomplish that while capturing, and retaining the attention of the client / potential client. Size matters, and a good content writer will know just how to start this process off, and finish it in a way that will lead to the growth of your business.

  1. Location, Location, Location (It Isn’t Just For The Real Estate Market Anymore): When I began taking a new approach to this site around May of this year one of the things that I quickly discovered is that my choice to target my Metro Atlanta Freelance Writing base was the best possible choice that I could have made at the time. When I began targeting that base of clients I was suddenly gaining more exposure than ever before, and although I am glad that I did that because, I discovered the latest trend in the freelance writing industry what I realized at the same time was your target audience works the same way. The location of your business is going to begin to matter a lot more than it ever has in the past as people are beginning to support local businesses again in a way that they haven’t done so since the 1950’s.

2015 up until this present day has taught me a lot as I have watched the trends, and learned from them. I know more lessons will come however, in the content writing, and content marketing fields even more changes are in store for the next year, and beyond. These are changes that I definitely look forward to as I enjoy challenge, and enjoy continuing to research, and learn about the growing trends but, I do find myself concerned for those who are seeking out content marketers, and even content writers as change is not easy for many, and if old ways continue to be utilized as these changes occur it will be the clients that suffer.

SEO will not be going away – if you as a prospective client ensure one thing in your hunt for a content writer make sure that it is that whomever you choose has a background in SEO as that is what will benefit you more than any other tactic out there.

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