10 Content Writing Tips That Are Actually Beneficial

10 Content Writing Tips That Are Actually Beneficial:


In today’s Content Marketing world there are so many tips and tricks. We live in a society that is information based therefore, when people come to your website they want to see information that will help them 1) Choose your service or product or 2) Learn how to do it on their own if their finances are tight.

After spending the last several years working in the Internet Marketing including SEO, and PPC Advertising fields what I have come to discover is that everything connects, and you can not have a good content writer in your hands when they do not know or, understand the first thing about SEO or, Keyword research. It takes a combination of all categories to understand what needs to be placed in a companies content for their website or, blog, and therefore it is crucial that whichever content writer that you choose be knowledgeable of SEO, and Keyword research before you hire them.

A Freelance Writer That Knows What They Are Actually Doing Will:

  1. Proactively Research – Research is a part of the content writing process that goes highly underestimated, and under performed. Those who do not make an effort to disclose, and inform that research is a heavy part of their service are not worth your time. Although a multi million dollar business may be nowhere in your spectrum what you do want to see in order to be successful is your website or, blog at the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo where it can be found easily by potential customers, and clients. In today’s market a content writer may be stumbled across, and although they may write a great article, website or, blog post for you if they haven’t realistically loaded it with the right keywords that target your client focus, goals, and overall business in various capacities that website, blog, and article will very likely not be found to the degree that it would need to be in order for you to reach your goals.

  2. Keep Records & Ongoing Notes – One of the things that I find myself doing consistently is taking notes. Example #1 – If I am on the phone with a client I constantly have a notepad with me in order to write down the key things that we have discussed during our conversation. It is not abnormal for me to even say the words “Hold on just a minute because, I am taking notes.” This does not bother clients but, in-fact makes them feel much more satisfied because, they know that I am taking this seriously. Great customer service is a choice – do not give them any unnecessary reason not to be, and what you will find is the more effort, and quality that you put into even the very early stages of your business relationship, the more satisfied they will be in the end. Listening is an art. Utilize it – it leads to happy customers. Example #2 – When a client has paid me for my services, and I find myself beginning the research phase I spend what most would consider to be an abnormal amount of time researching the topic at hand. I do this for several reasons but, they all go back to the same principal which is Quality. What I have found over the years is clients are willing to be patient in order to see valuable work that gets them moving closer to their goals – after-all what is a successful business in today’s age without a well written, and informative website?

  3. Write In A Conversational Tone With Their Own Unique Voice – Freelance Writers consistently work towards goals themselves, and one of the hardest facets to navigate in their journeys is the art of writing in conversational tone that has a success rate. Passion is the foundation but, success comes through the talent, and the right tone can be the hardest facet to come to terms with, and get a grip of. My suggestion to others is to take their time, and don’t force it. It is also important to note that this is where all of that research comes into play.

  1. Stay On Point – Believe it or not it is very easy to lose focus and veer off into a different direction when writing website content, blog posts or, articles. When this happens open another document or, take out your future article / post list and add the idea to the list with any reference material that may be applicable that sparked the thought. This may not be the post for it but, that does not mean that it wouldn’t be a great post for the future.

  1. Be Creative & Unique – Boring and Mundane doesn’t get anyone very far today. For as much respect as I have for my very first employer one thing that I was never able to get through his head until it was far to late was that basic does not cut it. In his case he had a website with over 100,000 products listed. I created, and maintained that online catalog for him, I did the marketing for that website, and the reason why his major competitor out beat him time, and time again was because he choose to not compete. His major competitor had Part Numbers, Product Names, Photos, Full Product Descriptions, Compatible models, and stock information just to name a few things while he on the other hand only wanted to list the very basics of the Product Names, and Part Numbers. Do not think for a second that I did not use that compatibility list for my own benefit as I created, and maintained that list for him because, I did. He might have been to stubborn for his own good in some ways but, I wasn’t about to spend 20x the amount of time on that catalog than I needed to. Writing is the same way. The more creative, and unique that content is the more interest that the writings will retain, and continue to gain over time.

  1. Make The Opening Sentence Superior – Creating intrigue in a reader is known to be one of the best if not the best way to grab a readers attention. By creating a sense of wonder, and question that is intriguing you are building interest that keeps them interested in continuing forward.

  1. Create A Leading Introductory Paragraph – As described above the more that you create interest, wonder, and question the longer those who have come to your website, blog or, landing page with the reading material in question will stay, and remain. By building interest through creative, and unique content you are showing that you know how to catch their attention by providing quality through knowledge which will build their trust in your product or, service at the same time.

  1. Keep It Realistic, and Honest – Although fantasy may seem tempting, quality is built on morals, values, and an honest approach that is realistic. Creative Writing, and Unique Content do not have to be based off of fantasy but, can in-fact be based off of reality, and will build more of a realistic trust from potential clients at the same time.

  1. Close With A Punch – Although many say that ending with a sales pitch is the only way to go more realistic studies place the product or service in question in a friendly tone, and feel as though it speaks for itself given the information provided above. Based on my 12 years of experience – this exact method is the one that I have found works best as well. Sometimes it is all about trial and error depending on your target audience but, hitting already interested clients with a hard sales pitch tends to turn people off more, than making them act. Friendly conversation with a little persuasion however, pushes them further into your direction where you will reap the benefits more realistically.

  1. Walk Away, and Then Come Back To Edit – Once the content for your website, blog or, article is finished in the rough draft portion what I have personally learned to do is walk away, get your mind away from it, and then come back, and begin to re-read, and edit as you go along. Walking away clears your mind, it enables you to re-focus, and de-clutters your mind in order to re-focus on the edits that will need to be made with a clear head.

Although every website, article, and blog post that needs to be written is unique, and different (hopefully it isn’t being stolen through other source) the fundamentals all remain the same, and can benefit the blog, website or, publisher in various ways.

With 12+ years in the industry at this point, creative freelance writing isn’t just my passion but, it is what I do, and I enjoy having the opportunity to assist others with their projects. If you have happened to come across this while searching for an Atlanta Freelance Writer or, a Freelance Writer that assists clients all over the US then please feel free to check out my portfolio page, and pricing page for more information.

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