4 Basic Tips On Resume Writing From A Professional Resume Writer


Writing your own resume can come off as a challenging experience. If you are like many you detest talking about yourself, you struggle with finding words to describe who it is that you are, what it is that you do, and placing who you are, and what you do into a document that is designed to sell yourself.  If this is the case know that you are not alone as many professionals have this struggle.

There are ways to combat this struggle though, and below you will find a few tips on how to defeat it by sticking to the basics.

  • Get The “Right” Perspective:

Many people begin writing their own resume by taking a step back, and reflecting on what they have done and what they have to offer a prospect employer.  This is a good thing however, a more realistic as well as successful approach is to reflect on what the employer is looking for when reading your resume. If you tackle the project of writing your own resume you need to realize that the employer has already stated what they are looking for in their job description.  They have given you a tool to utilize in doing this, and in growing to understand what the employer wants, you can customize the information in your resume that provides a solution to the employers problem which is someone who can easily step in to the role that needs to be filled, and take on the responsibilities associated with the position(s) that you are applying for, and desire.  If you look at this process as though you are applying for a job it will show but, if you look at this process as a way to serve a company, and fill a need that the potential employer has, you will get much further.

  • Focus On Vital Skills

Reflect with me for a second;  What are the skills that you so adequately possess that are transferable from company to company, and that are frequently sought after?   Use the Bullet Point feature to outline those skills to potential employers.

  • Get Current

Keeping your resume current is something that many professionals do not think of.  When a position that someone determines would be a great fit arises many professionals find themselves scrambling to update their resume, and cover letter to get it in, and at the top of the pile.  This process prevents people from obtaining a position that they would love because, they weren’t ready but, this isn’t the only time that not remaining current poses unneeded and unwanted stress.  Does your resume still state the words Objective with a goal outlook attached?  If so, it is time to highlight it, hit the backspace button, and change those words to Professional Summary and begin a new chapter that will enable potential employers to get a feel for who it is that you truly are, and what it is that you can truly do for them (not for the paycheck).  Highlight your worth, and your abilities, experience, and knowledge will eventually pay off.  Does your Resume still end with Reference Available On Request?  That doesn’t work anymore either.  Employers do not have time with the back and forth communication, they want to know who they are hiring before they even call you in for an interview – make it easy for them.  Do not create more work, and you will find yourself at the top of the “To Call For An Interview” pile in no time.

  • Discuss Results

The formatting of resumes has gone through a lot of transition over the years.  The old resumes of the past do not matter any more but, today’s do.  Today’s resumes should focus on Job Descriptions, and Accomplishments.  Electronic Applicant Tracking Systems have come into play in many major corporations across the globe over the years, and many corporations across the United States are utilize them in order to select candidates for interviews these days.  For as annoying as this is to job applicants they need to understand that the purpose of these is to filter through all of the resumes that come in where in many areas of the country it can be anywhere from 500 – 1000. The purpose of the ATS system is to search for keywords that relate to the job responsibilities, technical skills, job titles, etc that are relevant to the companies needs in that particular position . Of the top resumes that the system selects, only a small quantity gets reviewed by the hiring manager who will look to be impressed by highlights of accomplishments and success. So today’s resumes need to touch on both aspects of the past to get them the position that they are seeking in the present.

Writing a resume isn’t easy. One of the most important things to remember however, is that your resume should be a marketing tool.  It’s designed to sell you to a potential employer, if you take on the project with the mindset of looking at it from a potential employers standpoint, and what it is that they are looking for you are closer to being finished with the project than you believe that you are.

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