Are You Utilizing The Newest Resume Tool?

Template 3

So many aspects of the career field are changing.  Things that you use to be able to accomplish with ease are a challenge, and things that you use to be able to do in the simplest form are no longer the way to catch the attention of a potential employer when reality says that you have found a position that you really want to take on, and therefore, really want to be noticed.

With unemployment rates still high in the United States regardless of the state job seekers regardless of the area they live in are finding that they are still having to compete harder than they should for positions that should come with ease to them.

The cover letter is complete, the resume doesn’t have a single typo in it, it looks attractive but, what is the message saying to the individual who is reading through those resumes?

The easiest way to get the phone call that gets you the interview is to stand out but, how do you stand out among others when a resume is just a resume?

A resume doesn’t have to be just a resume.  There are ways to stand out, and one of the easiest ways to stand out is by making the investment in a resume template that will stick with your resume whether it is printed on paper or, sent electronically.

Although there are thousands of options out there for resume templates the process of selecting one can be rather daunting, and my best advice to you is to utilize the psychology of color in selecting a color scheme that will make a potential employer pick up the phone right then, and there to schedule the interview that you are wanting to obtain.

Here are a few of my favorite resume templates that I utilize when contracted.  Of course there is an add on charge for templates but, the chances of getting noticed are higher as well.

Template 1

Template 2

Template 4

Template 5

If you would like assistance in selecting a resume template that will fit your career field or, if you would like resume writing assistance and reside anywhere in the United States please feel free to contact me, and we can get the process started today.

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