Does Business Have To Be Cut Throat?


As a woman in business, and as a woman who has hit rock bottom through a series of choices that I had absolutely no control over because, they were not my choices I feel the strongest conviction to discuss something today that isn’t discussed often enough.

All to often we see businesses, and professionals stretching ethics, morals, and integrity in order to gain.  These companies, and professionals will stretch themselves by engaging in activity, enabling unethical behaviors, and ultimately selling themselves short through their business practices but, why?

Business does not have to be cut throat.  As a professional, I stand by my core, personal values, and tie them in to my career, and business, and it has proven to be the best possible choice, that has led to not just my own achievements but, continuous growth.

How you ask?

You can say that you are something all day long but, it isn’t your words that speak. Instead, it is your actions.  Humility, in business is rare, and it is a character, and value trait that is very rarely seen any more but, when people notice it, they are drawn to it because, a true leader is humble, and a servant of others first.

There was a time in my life when I was dating, and then engaged to a young man who wanted to be a Pastor.  I was myself, the girl in the choir that has always had a bit of a rebel in her but, not in a bad way.  That side of me, is just me having fun, and causing all of the right kind of trouble but, I never saw that side of myself for what it really was until he happened.  Are we still together, no.  He is actually married to the girl he cheated on me with but, my point in talking about this is that, that period of time for all that it was, and all that happened in the midst of it was the very beginning stages of what changed inside of me, and what made me who I am today.

Through the process of a lot of hurt, I was forced to face myself but, it was more than that, I was forced to look inside of myself, and get to know me for all of me, and over the period of the next 3 years there were parts of me that I can confidently say that I did not know existed at all.

What happened forced me into the deepest state of depression that I had ever faced, and I managed to get out of it myself without calling a therapist because, I have a resilience about me that is extremely strong, and for as much as some people like to say it is my weakness, deep down, I feel and know that it is by far my strongest quality.

I spent 2 years on the verge of falling over the cliff and into the pit, and although I had crawled very slowly away from the cliff because, I was facing so much anxiety at that point  that I was terrified to make any moves at all, and ended up not watching my back closely enough. Suddenly I found myself being pushed face first over the cliff, and into the pit when I least expected it.  The next 4 months were spent facing every fear, and insecurity that I had, and just when I found myself reaching the top of the cliff there was someone (no names mentioned) waiting to see the set of hands climb up who pushed me right back down to the bottom. 

Humility, trust me when I say that if you haven’t learned that lesson prior to hitting rock bottom, and even if you have it is one that you will most certainly learn throughout your time in the pit. 

Everything that I thought that I knew about humility, and what it really was, was brought into question, and then again when I was pushed back down there that 2nd time facing public humiliation in a way that there really is no laughing about it as much as my true friends want me to find humor in it.  I am over it, I am past it, and I’ve climbed back up that mountain, and ran in the direction my spirit was leading me to go since then making choices that made absolutely no sense but, have since proven to be the right choices.

Humility, the real definition of love, and the knowing of myself, and what it is that I really want for all that I really want were the biggest lessons to learn in that period of time but, it also told me that even when you do not think anyone is watching people are.

Business just like interpersonal relationships do not and does not need to be cut throat.  If you know what you want, become humble about your goals while still chasing after them.  Reach for them, walk towards them, but keep a humble attitude about them, and they will come exactly when they are suppose to.

The universe is funny like that, maybe even a little sadistic like that.  We don’t always get what we want when we want it but, we do always get what we need when we need it.  Believe, and that is just the beginning but, believe with humility attached, and watch as a whole new way of business and “doing business” suddenly unfolds.


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