The New Way That Previous Employers Are Sabotaging Previous Employees


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Today’s employment verification process can seem tricky to navigate.  The process isn’t as simple anymore as calling previous managers and verifying what it is that an applicant has been told but, this morning I found myself in an odd, and very frustrating I might add moment when a long time friend of mine called me, and said “I think a previous employer is sabotaging me, what should I do?”

What should she do?  What should anyone do when they feel as though a previous employer is sabotaging them in their present job search?

Do what it is that I did.  I have a voice, and I am not afraid to use it.  My response to her was simple; “Text me your previous managers phone numbers and I will get to the bottom of what is going on for you, and we’ll make necessary adjustments based on what I determine.”

If you feel as though something isn’t right, and if you find yourself in a position where month after month after month goes by and you still haven’t gotten a new position even though you are getting interviews the problem might not be with you at all, the problem might just be with your previous employers.  One of a few things could be happening, and they include:

  1. A Previous Employer is discreetly sabotaging you by sharing what they are sharing.
  2. The HR Professional is not responding to phone calls or, emails.
  3. The HR Professional is able to be contacted but, the company policy is that all verification must be done online through a corporate website or, a 3rd party website making the process more of a pain in the butt than it is worth for the majority of professionals out there.

What I discovered in my girl friends case this afternoon was that option #3 is exactly what is going on, and it isn’t going to matter how diligent she is in her job search, if her previous employment in no way can be verified then no potential employer is going to take her seriously.

So what can professionals who are in job transition or about to be in job transition do?

  1. Ask For And Obtain Letters of Recommendation – Go to as many direct managers, and closely worked with colleagues as possible and get credible, reliable letters of recommendation with their contact information including:  Name, Phone Number, and Email at the header, and Signature of the letter.  This will provide potential employers with the opportunity to go directly to the source, and verify letters of recommendation rather than general employment.
  2. Obtain Linkedin Endorsements – Linkedin is nothing short of one of the best tools out there that Job seekers have in todays career world.  I will be honest, I took it way to lightly for years, and although I hate the fact that it is one of todays most used stalking tools because, it has everything to do with Social Media, it is also extremely beneficial when searching for a new position if it is utilized the right way.
  3. Keep your Social Media accounts clean – Anything that isn’t clean, G rated or, that has the ability to shine light – privatize it or wipe it all off together.  Employers want to know that they are hiring someone mature, and that has the desire to grow.  Showing character, integrity, and values is the best way to show employers that you aren’t just serious about wanting to work for them, you are showing that you are serious about life, and moving forward.
  4. Remove any and all unverifiable companies from your resume – If employment can not be verified there is no reason to keep that information on your resume.  If a company won’t verify employment, if the company has gone out of business, and you have not kept in contact with anyone that could verify that employment, get rid of the company on your resume.

I know what you are thinking; “As if it wasn’t hard enough to verify employment before, right?  As if laws, and regulations didn’t put a burden on hiring managers on both sides of the fence before.”  It appears as though in order to further protect companies on both sides of the fence, corporate companies are making this even more difficult now. With this truth being the reality of many now though, I believe a safe question to ask as a result of these new corporate HR policies is – Is this doing more harm than good?  I ask this question though because, it would appear that the new policies are doing nothing but, sabotaging previous employees as employment needs to verified especially in todays job market.  So what is the answer?  The best advice that I can give is what I have already provided; Obtain as many letters of recommendation, and Linkedin endorsements as you possibly can, remove all previous employment that can not be verified, and keep your social media accounts G rated.  With the combination of all of those things together a professional in search of his or her next position will find themselves far ahead of their competition in what appears to be the new normal.

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