Branding Your Social Media Profiles

Looking for information on how to Brand yourself or your company online? Here is a great resource to follow with some tip, and good advice.

I know for me personally regardless of my chosen field I have struggled with some of these because, there was once a time when I hated putting myself out there. I was a very private person overall, and hated even the idea of having my details all over the internet however, in the last year or so, that has all slowly begun to change, and I have spread my wings, put the information out there, and seen a dramatic increase of clients coming my way both in and out of the metro Atlanta area.

The sense of accomplishment has definitely outweighed the fear that I once had of keeping to myself in my safe little bubble that quite truthfully wasn’t getting me very far in my professional career or making it any easier to achieve my goals, and dreams.

How does this article make you want to spread your wings, and make some changes that could bring you closer to achieving your dreams, I’d love to hear about it.

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Your Profile Image

Your picture is kind of like your logo. Everybody will instantly recognize your brand when they see it. Make it something that looks natural. A head shot that shows part of the neck and shoulders is always good. It shouldn’t be too big or small. Use the same photo for all of your social media profiles. If you have others that you’d like to use, put them in your albums. Try not to change your profile picture and if you do, don’t do it often.

Logos really aren’t appropriate for a personal profile. Remember that it’s you and not your company that you should be branding. If it’s a Facebook fan page or a brand page on LinkedIn, logos are fine, but for your personal profile, stick with a picture.

Consistency is Key

Most social media sites allow you to customize your profile. You should by…

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