Are you a hotel owner or manager that is considering a re-brand? This is a fantastic article that I just found detailing out all the reasons why branding with purpose is the only way to brand.

  • Ask yourself who is your target guest?
  • What does your target guest expect?
  • How can your Hospitality professionals go above, and beyond from the heart, and not from expectation to provide your target guest with service that wow’s them?

That is where you start in not just Branding your hotel but, in marketing your hotel. Providing Hospitality starts with knowing your guest, and serving your present guests in a way that goes above and beyond their expectations.

Own your brand, Own your hotel, Own your acts and policies of service, and from there you will be able to find, and obtain pride in the ability of your hotel, and the sense of hospitality that you provide your customer base both now, and in the future.


Well-Known World Brand Logotypes

Hotel companies are pumping out new brands by the dozen, and there is something for everyone. But it feels to me like there is something for no one. Why? Because to be the best brand or operator for one customer, it means you are absolutely not the best brand or operator for other customers. No one can be the best at everything, but in the current market, it is as if each company thinks it can.

All the big operators and some of the smaller ones are aggressively attacking multiple demographics with a slightly different version of the same product. Look no further than the strip in Miami Beach. This is the modern corporate mentality, and without a doubt it will to come back to haunt our industry. The same theory is unfolding in businesses like fashion, beauty and even beer, with the big brands beginning to have difficulty competing…

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