Why content writing should be termed as business writing?

Personally, and Professionally I agree.

All to often when someone asks me what I do, and I say “I’m a content writer.” It’s never just left at that, I always have to end up going into further detail what that entails. It’s not until I say that I write the words found on websites that people usually understand what it is that I actually do.

Life And Its Genres

Writing is an art and calls for appreciation in all forms. With the effect of dot com burst and content revolution, somehow the value of writing has faded. Business minds want to capitalize on the talent and peddle it to the global gates. But my blog is targeted to another topic.

With coming of Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing ventures, the significance of writers has escalated to a higher magnitude. Almost every other SEO company looks for a writer. These writers who write keyword based content research and write about a product. The job is majorly referred as content writing. But why is the name like that? Why are we so reluctant in calling content writers as business writers?

I fail to fathom the logic of identifying a writer not as a business but content one. ‘Content’ writers do not write stories. They write business, they do business…

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