How to write Good Website Content for SEO: Google will Love

SEO Fella

Facts which we all know by now:

  • Google has changed completely the way it reads and understands a web page.
  • Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past.
  • Good content has become mightier than ever.

Questions which are still running into many of our minds:

Q-1 Should we forget about SEO at all?

Q-2 Should we ignore the keywords completely?

Q-3 Should we just focus on our audience? The answers to all these questions are Yes, but still a NO.

It seems a bit tricky, but if you go deep into its meaning, it’s actually not. Let me explain in a bit more detail:

A-1 Yes, you should forget about SEO (and concentrate on providing information to the readers) while writing website content but don’t forget to make it one which Google loves.

A-2 Yes, you should ignore the keywords (and concentrate on writing a natural and meaningful sentence) but…

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