DIY Resume Writing Tips for 2015

Sell Yourself

A Professional resume writer will take on the mindset of an HR professional, Hiring Manager or, recruiter when crafting and editing your resume. To edit your resume like a professional resume writer, you have to develop a creative, and unique mindset of your professional demeanor, background, knowledge and experience. If that means taking a break from your resume for a day or two before going back to it, that’s what you will have to do but, as you take that break make sure that you are detailing out the qualities that you want any potential employer to notice about you, and begin playing with words, sentences, and phrases that you will be able to incorporate into your resume in order to sell yourself.

Job Seekers often spend so much time on their resume that they can no longer give it an objective review. Their focus becomes on what was once their job description which is mundane compared to what they actually accomplished in their last, and previous positions, and any professional resume writer out there will tell you that your previous job description doesn’t matter, it is what you actually accomplished because, your resume is your biggest tool that accomplishes one thing – selling yourself to a future employer.

To tackle your resume like a professional resume writer, have a creative outlook and think like the HR professional that you are selling yourself to. Here are 3 ways to draft your own resume like the pros.

  • Show Your Strengths, and Accomplishments

Ask yourself this question:  What field am I in, and what skill sets would an employer want to see in order to say “He / She is invaluable, I have to give ____ a call to schedule an interview.”  Identify what those things are and then, detail your resume on how you’ve achieved, and developed these skills, as well as any ways that you have been rewarded or, promoted through working in action in these areas. For instance, if you are applying for an Internet Marketing position, your focus should be on stats achievements, account management, analysis accomplishments, and promotional techniques.

  • Edit Like The Pros

Common mistakes such as misspelling, punctuation, grammar, and alignment are avoidable but, quite honestly very common, and enough to get your resume thrown into the nearest garbage can (Electronically or, in office if it’s been previously printed out or, even hand delivered). However, many resumes that are not carefully proofread contain such mistakes that are cause for dismissal by the employer. Of all the reasons for a resume to be dismissed, don’t let these small mistakes be one of them.

When needing an edit, ask a friend or family member to give your resume an honest review. Sometimes you need another pair of eyes, and it is never something to feel silly or out of place about.  It is something that I personally do frequently for various reasons.

Reviewing and editing your resume like a professional resume writer can make a significant impact. It is often the difference between actually securing an interview and spending valuable time continuously searching and applying for new opportunities to only receive no response in return.

  • Remove Unnecessary And Irrelevant Content

In many cases, an HR Professional makes a decision on who to select for an interview after reviewing your resume for only a few seconds. Rarely is every line on your resume read in its entirety. The more information on your resume that is relevant, the quicker the hiring manager will come to the conclusion that you are a candidate for an interview therefore, it is imperative that your include keywords that trigger the HR Professional’s attention, and remove all unnecessary, and irrelevant content that doesn’t sell yourself in the broader scheme of things.

It can seem overwhelming, I understand therefore, if you would like an affordable resume review from a professional or, need a resume drafted by a professional please feel free to contact me 9am – 9pm EST any day of the week, and together we can tackle your resume, and get you on your way to promoting yourself with a professionally drafted document.

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