When Professional Stagnation Forces You To Change Your Career


Stagnant is defined as:  Not flowing or moving, and often foul-smelling or stale (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/stagnant)

Are you stagnant in your career?  Do you feel as though you’ve gone as far as you can go, and you are trapped with nothing else to do, and no where else to go?

I can relate, I’ve been there, and that moment was the moment that changed everything about not just my chosen career but, my life.

“Comfort is the path to stagnation.” It’s a quote that makes perfect sense to me.  Why don’t many of us want to move forward?  Why don’t many of us feel as though we can take the first step in change?  It’s because we are comfortable where we are, and do not want to let fear tear us down or, ruin something that is already working, right?

What if whatever you are doing isn’t working though?  What if what it is that you are doing is ultimately setting yourself up for professional failure?

If you aren’t happy in what you do it will show.  Your work ethic will deteriorate, your attitude will take a hit, and your overall energy will change, and believe me when I say that other people will notice, and you could be setting yourself up for your own demise if you continue on that path for to long.

Every choice that we make has an effect to it.  It’s a lesson that we all eventually learn in this life but, have you ever thought about how your choices can directly effect other people?  Our intentions matter, as does the way that we walk, speak, and act.  One word or, one sentence has the power to tear someone else into pieces, one action has the power to bankrupt, and shut down an entire company, a series of bad checks written to an employee could mean foreclosure, and homelessness, and or, a car repossession, one moment of selfishness, and betrayal of trust over money could land someone in jail, and yet, how many of us really think about that on a daily basis?

I do.  But, it’s because, I’ve been through all of the above, and put through the fire because, of other people’s choices that I had absolutely no control over.

In a conversation with my roommate yesterday afternoon she made the remark that it’s nice to see me in a position where I am no longer trapped in the darkness anymore.  My aura has changed, my energy has changed, and without me saying a word about it she can just tell that I’m in a much healthier place than I’ve been over the last 6 months.  Walking away from toxic people, and choosing to focus on me has been very good for me, it’s bought peace into my life, it’s brought a new found sense of security into my life, and it’s changed me.  Happiness is a choice irregardless of circumstances, and sometimes what you need to do is take a good look at your goals, and start moving forward in them in order to get where it is that you want to be.

For years I dedicated so much of my time to helping everyone around me but, when it came time for me to need someone not a single person that I was ever there for was there for me.  I felt so abandoned, so isolated, and so lost that it led me into a place that was filled with nothing but, darkness because, I felt as though I was lost from myself, and everything that I had worked so hard to build, and establish.  There’s a part of me that to a certain degree feels the same way as I did then but, it doesn’t consume my heart the way that it use to, and it’s just an overall dark place to be.

Choosing happiness, and choosing light for me meant choosing a path that meant starting completely over, it’s a path that meant making my passion my career, and making my career my priority again because, without happiness in your career you have something that overtime you will become bored of, and tired with, and that is not something that I ever want for myself again.

Stagnation, and overall fall out due to other peoples choices forced me to come to this place, and to those who created it with their choices a part of me wants to say thank you because, those choices that I had absolutely no control over forced me to find myself in the midst of so much confusion, and darkness that it literally changed me.

There is always hope but, sometimes we just need to see it for what it really is, and become the change that brings us out of the stagnation that we are facing whether it is personal or professional.  Change begins with believing in yourself, setting realistic goals, and then pursuing those goals.  One step at a time, and one day at a time.


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