Today’s Lesson From The Hotel Front Desk

hotel bell

Photo Credit:  Shabby Goes Lucky


For someone that has always had such a huge servant’s heart you would think that I would have found a way into the hospitality industry by now wouldn’t you?

What if I told you all that I have, it’s just something I don’t talk about?  

This afternoon I found myself at work, sitting at the computer, and this woman who I have been working with for the last few days comes up to me, introduces herself, shakes my hand, and asks me about local takeout, and delivery places.  I happily tell her of the few locations that I know of but, tell her that I’ll create a more detailed list for her, and her response was to say.  “You know, I could go to Hilton down the road and not get 1/4 of the customer service that I’ve gotten from you over the last 2 days.  It honestly seems so nice.”

Wow, really?  What am I doing so differently that someone else in this industry wouldn’t do?  I’m just being my pleasant, service oriented self, is that really so unique?

I guess so, and went on about my morning creating a detailed list of available take out and delivery food options, that I later hand delivered to her once it was complete.

Recently, I have begun reading reviews for area hotels, as well as doing my research into what it is that customers really expect when they rent a hotel room, and quite simply that is a question that should be easily answered by any hospitality employee around the world because, irregardless of the star level of the hotel what personal, and professional experience, and now these review sites are telling me is that the clients that I serve, and assist don’t just want everything, they expect everything.

I may work at a smaller scale hotel but, in their minds I am giving them 5 star service beginning with a friendly, type a personality, and believe it or not.  I think that means more to most than the amenities offered at more expensive hotels because no one wants to be served by someone who doesn’t enjoy what they are doing and shows it.






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