Reminders Of Who We Are

Library Award

Yesterday afternoon I found myself stumbling on an award that I received during my 5th grade graduation ceremony, and even though I didn’t photograph it and plaster it to my blog because I’ve chosen to remain anonymous for the most part as I stumbled on it, it made me realize that there are things inside of us that never change, there are things inside of us that make up the core of who we are, and no one, and nothing can take that away from us.

As I think back to those early days I remember being given summer reading materials, they’d be finished within the first week, and then I had to come up with more, and when the new school year started and we had to turn in those materials who would always win the summer reading competition – but yes, you guessed it, me.

Reading, Writing, Analysis, and of course I can’t leave out music and theater – they are the things that make up the core of who I am.  They have all been important aspects that make up the full me, and when I stumbled on that award it made me sit down and reflect on where I started out in my career vs where I ended up, and I realized that for me, I’m on the right track, and I shouldn’t be looking backwards.

Apply this to yourself though – What has been inside of you from an early age?  What were your interests?  What were your motivations, goals, dreams, and aspirations growing up?  What did you enjoy doing during those times that you were alone, and bored, and apply those things to your career?

Are you utilizing any of those things in your career?  If you’re unhappy professionally this could be why.  There are things that we are naturally talented at; writing, analysis, and music happen to be 3 of those things for me.  Musically I’m not a professional, yes, I dreamed about it, but life circumstances never allowed me to pursue that dream therefore I’ve remained in a position where I use it on a volunteer / ministry basis instead of just giving it up, but writing, and analysis have been a fundamental part of my career from the very beginning of my career yet, I never once took a close enough look at what I was doing inside of my own career until the other day to realize it which then made me realize why it is that I’m suddenly so happy doing what it is that I do.

Look back, and determine who it is that you are, what you stand for, and look at the skills that you are good at performing and use that as the basis of determining what your career should be consisted of, and what positions you should be chasing after.  I doubt that you’ll be disappointed once you do, and as always I do wish you the best of luck.


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