Connecting With Generation Y Professionally


Photo Credit:  KeepingCurrentMatters


One of the latest challenges that real estate professionals face is gearing content towards Generation Y. The term is used to describe the people who were born between the 1980s all the way to the year 2000. This particular generation also goes by other names too, like “generation next” or “Millennials” or even “net generation”.

The reason why content or even your website’s blog is difficult to create and market for this specific generation has been due to the fact that they are already ahead of most industry professionals when it comes to information and technology, as well as the understanding of not just what they want, but what they expect as well, and the majority do not want to compromise, negotiate or, settle, because they have never had to, and do not believe they should start now.  For as difficult and frustrating as this can sometimes seem, and be, in some ways I believe it is good, because it forces us to professionally work to our top potential, and provide quality service, work that is based on a new kind of effort, and that will produce excellent reviews throughout the internet because these millennials are the majority of reviewers on sites such as city search, yelp, facebook, and other platforms that bring you free marketing through word of mouth advertising.

Here are some tips that you can use when writing or posting something that is geared towards a ‘millennial’ or “Generation Y” group of readers, and consumers.

  • Find the Balance Between Friendly and Professional – Generation Y expects to be spoken to in a straight forward, honest, and to the point manner and the same goes for their real estate purchasing needs. They would rather you speak straight to the point but, in a respectful manner rather than tip toe around the point you are trying to make.
  • Keep it Short and to the point – Generation Y’s biggest known complaint is that they have a short attention span, and absolutely 0 sense of patience. When writing an article or speaking to them keep everything at a minimum and again get straight to the point. That way you get to deliver the message as fast as possible.
  • Market to their interests – Is the home in a community that has a known social setting – tell them.  Is the home near great local restaurants, or great shopping – tell them.  Does the community have a fitness center – tell them.  Does the community that you are trying to market to them have a guest policy regarding pool usage or visitor policies that may not fit their lifestyle – even though it is a down fall – tell them, because if that is the case they are going to hate that house, because they will not feel as though it’s a place where they can hang out with or entertain their friends the way that they want to or are use to.

Generation Y-ers are a very social group of people.  They are the generation that made it popular to friend your colleagues and bosses on facebook suddenly mixing business with personal which further explains my point that they are the most social group of generations that have lived to date, and this is something that will probably not change, but instead over time will become the normal.

Although, marketing, and selling to Generation Y has been a challenge for most organizations there is a balance to be found, but when marketing solely to this crowd organizations are better served by following the guidelines that I’ve outlined above in order to find success in marketing and selling to Millennials.

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