Is Your Store Closing? 8 Steps To Getting A New Position Fast

Store Closing


Every day is a potential day to learn that your office or place of business is closing.  Corporate executives decide on store closings for a number of reasons but, when employees find out that they are going to be out of a job at the end of the month stress sets in, and that stress does not go away until that employee has a new position elsewhere.  For those of you who are in this position, I understand as I have been there myself, and therefore am writing this 8 step guide to assist you in this journey that you are about to embark on.

So here are the 8 steps to take in order to find a new position once you find out your current place of business or, office is closing.


1) Have your resume professionally drafted or reviewed.  Professionally drafted or reviewed resumes have a 94% higher chance of being selected by hiring managers, and store managers.

2) Have a general cover letter drafted by a professional.  A cover letter is an over view of your goals, strengths, and work history that a potential employer reviews prior to reading your resume.  Many consider this a must include asset as it tells a hiring manager, or potential employer more about you as a professional – your writing style, ethic, values, etc… therefore, it is an additional document that you can utilize to your advantage when looking for a new position.

3) Create or Update your linkedin profile.  In most industries an online presence via Linkedin is detrimental to your success, it’s not just another social media website, it’s a tool to post your resume and cover letter online, it’s a place for potential employers to see where your connections have recommended you for open positions in your chosen field, and a place where you can also search for open positions in your area that are legitimate positions as Linkedin’s fee for position postings is not cheap, therefore that means that the positions that are posted are all real.

4) Submit your resume and cover letter to craigslist, careerbuilder, Indeed, Simply hired, Linkedin Jobs, Backpage, Usa Jobs, local chamber of commerce boards, local career ministry boards, and local staffing agencies.  The more places that you post your resume the better your chances of obtaining a new position will be immediately.  Recruiters, HR Managers, and even store managers frequent these boards looking for qualified potential employees.  Set yourself a part, and post your newly drafted resume, and cover letter for them to see.  If you do not know how to do this most Resume curators and career counselor’s are happy to help you with this for an additional charge or you can search for how to information right online.

5) Create a free blog on wordpress. Post your resume, and cover letter, and brand yourself with relevant, and honest industry and local area tags that pertain to the services that you know you have the capability of providing, and that you see or have been told that you are good at.  Once this is complete you will want to attach a link to your Linkedin profile as well as your professional Twitter page (if you have one) where you discuss customer service, industry related information etc…

6) Submit your Resume and cover letter to every competitor in a 10 – 15 mile radius. This is easier now that most companies accept online resumes, but make sure to follow those submissions up with a phone call or face to face introduction to the store or corporate hiring manager.  For local chamber of commerce locations that do not have job boards contact that local office and inquire with them to find out if any of their members are hiring for a full or part time (Insert your specialty here).  Irregardless of whether or not they are aware ask the director or whomever you speak with if they would be willing to present you to their members or would be willing to allow you to pitch yourself at their next meeting.  None of them may be hiring, but the more people you get yourself in front of the more connections that you can potentially build, because those employers may know of someone who is – this is also why Linkedin is so important to have, keep up with, and utilize.

7) Do not give up.  If you remain diligent you will gain a new position much faster than you believe that you will in a comparable or even better setting.

8) Be Self Confident.  Professional Self Confidence is attractive in the business world, that doesn’t mean you should be egotistical, it just means that you should humbly be professionally self confident, and believe in yourself, because that professional self confidence is what sells yourself to your next employer, and what sets you apart from other qualified (or not so qualified) candidates.

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