Why You Should Unsubscribe From Careerealism – Contradiction Nightmares


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It’s 3:00 Am on the east coast, and I’m having yet again another late night because tonight I found myself clearing out and organizing my email from the last several days.  All of my vital must get to emails like the ones from clients had already been tackled (they are replied to as they come in and organized) but this evening I found myself reading several posts that had come in from a site called Careerealism in which I subscribed to years ago when I became aware of it, but today however as I read many of the posts that were in front of me as well as many of the “You may also want to read” suggestions from the site I realized something significant.

Careerealism gives a lot of contradicting opinions.

Let me explain.

For example as I read one article I found myself reading material that told the reader to strategically discuss their mission statements, and goals – a statement that in case you are wondering I 100% agree with, but in the very next article that I read which was one of the “You may also want to read” suggestions that article told job seekers and those who are updating their resumes not to do that.

HUH???  What is the right answer? 

As a professional with years working in the HR field I am extensively confused myself, and now I completely understand why I have clients coming to me asking me the amount of questions that they do, because given the information that is published on that site that is contradicting of it’s own opinions as well as the opinions of many other websites I’m sure today’s career, and job seekers are left to the wolves, not knowing who to trust, and being given contradicting information literally every time they turn around, and for that as a professional who is being genuine, and truly wants to be of assistance to others I have to say I am truly sorry for what others are putting you through, because the information that many people are telling you is not correct, and in all honesty it very well could be costing you interviews, and jobs that you are more than qualified for, and have been dreaming about.

I use to love that website, in all honesty I truly did, but tonight my opinion changed, because it wasn’t just those two articles that I saw doing that it was countless articles on countless topics including on the subjects of Linkedin, and getting your name, and content out there via a blog or personal website just to name a few.

But then if that wasn’t enough I saw the final thing that made me close the Careerealism tab on my firefox browser for the last time, but not before I unsubscribed, and that was seeing the “Write for us” category, and then I realized what the problem is.  Careerealism doesn’t pick and choose who their writers are, based on quality content, and correct information, but instead what I see is the founder of careerealism is actually charging their content writers to write for them, and at 1st I couldn’t understand why anyone would pay to write content for that site, I mean honestly I’ve never heard of that, because as a writer I always see, and hear of the opposite – these sites are paying writers like myself to write quality content but that isn’t the case with Careerealism, and it took me a few moments to realize why these writers are flocking to post all of this content and once it finally hit me I lost all respect, and interest.

The founder of Careerealism started this site as a help tool, she had the right intentions in the beginning, but somewhere along the way what happened, she couldn’t find a job, began monetizing the blog to earn extra money, and thought hey why don’t I charge writers for exposure, and see what happens, and this website is now her full time job, but all she is doing is taking money from writers who want access to 100,000 subscribers so they can build their own following base while giving misleading, and contradicting information than what the person in the post before them discussed, and it’s leaving countless people confused and in a never ending career climb fog, because when you as someone who is searching for career opportunity is given that contradicting information what do you do but sit on it, and literally do nothing until you decide what you feel is the right choice but all that is doing is costing you time, money, and stress when all you originally wanted was to find the right answer, and get that task of creating that resume, updating that resume, building your linkedin profile, tweaking your linkedin profile, or placing yourself in a position where employers are seeking after you because you’ve built your brand in a way that employers will find you through a google, bing, or yahoo search, and should have been able to complete that one task (or all of them) much faster than what you were able to accomplish it thanks to misleading, and confusing information that ended up costing you in the long run.

Here’s the deal – I have never, do not now, and never will pretend to know everything, I’m human, but here’s the thing; do not start a website where 100,000 people + are relying on you to give them accurate information that has to do with their careers which has to do with everything else about their lives (shelter, bills, family stability etc) and not think that, that misleading, and contradicting information will eventually not come back to bite you in the butt, because it absolutely will.  Then there is the subject of charging writers to write your content for you.  The only people that will do that are the one’s that want exposure, but in all honesty as someone who is truly humble, who writes resumes for free for the homeless, and at career ministries, and has been for years I find this completely disgusting, because that tells me that these writers that are paying for exposure are not in this for the right reasons, and because they aren’t in it for the right reasons they don’t deserve to be getting the exposure that they do at all.  This is no different than paying for blog followers, pinterest followers, twitter followers, and facebook followers – it’s Black hat, it’s not legit, and it’s not ok, because they haven’t put in the work that I have, they haven’t put in the work that others that I know have, and most importantly it’s obvious to not just myself, but others that they don’t care about the effects of their choices, and how those choices effect the people that are reading their material, and or are hiring them to draft their resumes, and cover letters, or assist them with their linkedin profiles.

If you subscribe to Careerealism I urge you to consider unsubscribing, not because I want you to come my way, not because I would rather you only subscribe to my blog, and my career advice, but because after reading the contradictions that I saw this evening I don’t want people being mislead down a path that will end up costing them interviews, and jobs by taking advice that is not accurate, and confusing.  If I didn’t care about people I wouldn’t be writing resumes for free for those who live in homeless shelters, and attend well known career ministries serving those in attendance with resume writing services, but I do, and I do write resumes for an affordable cost as a part of my writing services, but that isn’t the point of this post, this post is meant to be informative, and make readers think twice about what information that they take to heart, because as I saw this evening not all of it is correct, therefore not all of it is beneficial to you, your career, or your goals – and that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.





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