How To Bring Color (And Interest) To Your Home For Sale Listings


As I discussed a couple of days ago, a picture is no longer worth a thousand words, but the right turn of a phrase in a home listing can make a big difference in how fast a home sells and how much your seller can get for the home that they are wanting to sell.

The right description can get your home attention that it wouldn’t have otherwise gotten just on the pictures that you’ve provided in your listing; the wrong description on your listing information, and marketing platforms can and will turn buyers away from the property in a matter of seconds. So choose those words wisely, and market those listings with confidence as if your business, and your clients depend on it (because at the end of the day when you really think about it, that’s exactly the case.)

Your marketing tactics including your listing descriptions are all about capturing the attention of potential buyers.  The bare minimum no longer works, you as an agent have both buyers, and sellers speaking with several other agents, and not a single one of those buyers or sellers are going to go with an agent who publishes listings with the bare minimum, and does absolutely nothing but sit and wait on a sale to happen.

So What are the key factors in Bringing Color (And Interest) To Your Home For Sale Listings?

1. Make Unseen Amenities A Topic Of Discussion. The problem with FMLS and State MLS systems are that data fields on the listing information require you to provide all the basic information (Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Sq Footage, Acreage, Basic Subdivision information, School Systems etc…) but for as good as that information is to know it’s not enough but some realtors however believe otherwise, and unfortunately that means both buyers, and sellers are being taken advantage of, and being taken for granted, because in my opinion there should be a word count minimum in the description section of those listings, but there isn’t therefore the realtor that you hire may take your listing, and put the bare minimum details up on the required sites, but do nothing else to push along the sale of a sellers home, and vital key selling points of your home go unnoticed, and unpublished as a result.

The description is the place for things that aren’t obviously seen in the property details.  Important amenities such as an over sized garage, a garage with ample storage space, or a kitchen that is an organized persons dream come true should be colorfully notated in the home listing write-up. If there is beauty in the landscaping or if your seller tells you that the property was once a part of a nature reserve, and butterflies, birds, and deer are often seen –  take a few extra moments, and colorfully discuss what it is that you saw in a way that would make a serious buyer want to see this, because above anything else and I know I am not the only one that thinks this way – My back yard is my retreat, and I love nothing more than drinking hot coffee in the mornings on my patio, surrounded by beautiful butterflies, birds, and then enjoying the sight of 1 or an entire family of deer stroll through.

After spending years in this industry I’ve come to realize that many Realtor’s take for granted the fact that so many people no matter how much money they may or may not have enjoy the simple, small things in life, but what I said above about surrounding nature shouldn’t be taken for granted because for many people (not just myself) that truly is something that people look for, and something that will become a selling a point as it did for me.

2) Use Colorful Words And Adjectives To Draw In Your Potential Buyers Attention.

It’s important to know what words to utilize in a Listing Description.  Words such as Beautiful, and Gorgeous are known to bring in a 5% higher sales price, but did you know that they are also known to sell a home at a 15% faster rate?

15% doesn’t seem that big of a percentage, but in the real estate market it actually is due to the fact that the market has been so slow for the last several years.

If you take your words, place an honest, but colorful spin on them, and utilize them to attract buyers what you will do is you make potential buyers want to purchase your home before they even see it in person.

3) Play On Sight.

Take a well Landscaped back yard for example such as the one in the photo below:

Backyard Retreat

How would you describe this back yard?

My description:

Beautifully Landscaped, and flawless backyard retreat made of stone with custom, built in seating, a gorgeous in-ground, lighted swimming pool, and a jacuzzi.  Imagine entertaining guests in this beautiful, spacious back yard, from summer barbeques to spring, and fall get togethers with friends – there is no better place to entertain your guests than right here in your very own back yard where you, and your guests will feel as though you have slipped into a beautifully manicured poolside resort right at home.

It’s rare when you see descriptions like that isn’t it?  But, I promise you, it works.

Now I know that there will not be a picture directly on the FMLS or State Wide MLS system to place before that description, but what you can do is refer to the photo in the photo sections of fmls, zillow, and on your company’s website / blog etc to market this property the way that it should be marketed properly.

Bringing color and interest to home listings is not a difficult task, it can be tedious however, there are professionals out there who are more than happy to assist you in this process for a reasonable price, and the return is a faster sale turn around, as well as a typically higher purchase offer as buyers know that well marketed properties will not remain on the market long irregardless of the market condition in your local area.

How can you begin practicing utilizing color with your home listings?  Take your present listings, and transform what you presently have written, and turn it into a creative project for yourself, one that hopefully will prove to be beneficial to your business, and your clients.




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