Dining Design With Home Staging In Mind


A dining room can be a tricky space for traditional staging and design.  Some dining rooms are small, have very little light or are part of a shared space along with a living room.  When staging a dining room it needs to invite a buyer in to imagine themselves at the table.  A dining space should look comfortable and have good lighting that is illuminating, and welcoming.

Here are a few dining room staging tips to help buyers envision that special place for family dinners as well as for entertaining guests!

1.) Lighting – If your dining room is dark, bring in lighting – this upgrade does not need to cost a fortune, there are ample resources for inexpensive lighting from low cost hanging lights and chandeliers to table lamps costing just a few dollars a piece if you look for bargain buys at garage, and estate sales before you go to your local home goods, marshals, ross, garden ridge, or old time pottery (Old Time Pottery is my preferred favorite if you have one near by)  If there is at least one  window hang a mirror on the opposite wall to reflect natural light when staging the space.  Placing a pair of tall, thin lamps on a side table, or buffet with a mirror hung above will make your dining room become attractive, and illuminating!

2.) Create A Dining Space. Buyers need to see a dining room, so create one!  Your table and chairs do not have to be extravagant but what it does need to be is a designated dining area that is visible to the eye.  Utilize the surrounding space and hang large artwork or a grouping of pictures (Not family photos) on nearby walls.  Make a statement when staging the space and show buyers the possibilities.

3.) Create Ambiance and Warmth. If your light fixtures are outdated, purchase inexpensive new ones to instantly update your dining room. Gold and brass fixtures are out as much as I do enjoy still seeing those because I have a very old world spirit, and love anything, and everything vintage but, my personal decorating style does not matter my suggestion for staging your dining room to become a selling point for the home is bronze rod iron.  Lastly, remove outdated wallpaper that may be tearing, or that has a bold color scheme, or any bold colored paint and re-paint with warm neutral tones which is always key in staging a home to sell.

4.) Create The Look Of Ample Space. When staging a home it is important to show off the spaciousness of a room.  If a dining table seats 8 or more take a leaf or two out of the table and show 4 -6 seats at the table.  Place the other 2 – 4 chairs on each side of a large window or one on each side of a buffet or china cabinet.  Buyers need to be able to move around the room and not feel blocked or cornered.

5.) A Focal Point. A dining room is an easier room for buyers to envision laying out furnishings but you want to still capture their attention.  A neatly arranged table setting with a centerpiece allows potential buyers to envision themselves sitting down at the table.  Look at the photo that I posted above, where you will find a beautifully arranged dining room table.  An inexpensive Idea for a centerpiece could include an Antique pitcher filled with neatly arranged fresh, or silk flowers.  If you choose to go the silk route you can easily spray fresh flower scents on those silk flowers, but you you don’t have to do that.

For staging items including a nice selection of affordable dinnerware, table cloths, overlays, napkins, and place mats please feel free to check out my amazon store at: http://astore.amazon.com/pinrosandpea-20

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