A Picture Is Not Worth 1000 Words In Real Estate – Here’s Why



Perhaps you are a professional Real Estate Agent, Perhaps you’re an Administrative or Marketing Assistant to a Real Estate agent like I myself have been for a good percentage of my career, or perhaps you are a homeowner who is considering the possibility of putting your home on the market, and then there are others of you who already have put that home on the market, and seem to be sitting idle playing the waiting game, hoping, and praying that a buyer comes along so you can move out of the house that you’ve called a home for many years, but are being transferred away from, have outgrown, or maybe your kids have all grown up, and there’s no reason to have a huge home that seems emptier now.

You join thousands of others no matter what your reasoning for putting that house on the market is, but what I’m going to tell you today may change your perspective on the way to market that property in a way that it will get the attention that it needs in order to sell.


Take quality photos from many different angles of your home – the more inviting and large the home looks in those pictures the more potential buyers will become and remain interested in the home. 1 or even 10 photos are not enough – The more photos that you have the better your chances will be of gaining interest in this home that you want to successfully market for sale.


One thing that I’ve learned growing up in and around the real estate field is that times have changed.  The days of open houses are fading, I don’t enjoy saying that, but think about it, when open houses were popular it was back when you could buy a gallon of gas for .93 cents or less.  With gas prices at $3.50 and above, people don’t splurge on those Saturday afternoon, and Sunday drives like they use to, and it’s taken it’s toll on everything.

Agents use to promote open houses frequently, but in today’s economy most agents that I know, and many that I have worked for feel as though their time, gas, and marketing funds are wasted on promoting, and having those open houses that we all use to love, and there is a good reason for that – the internet has become the free and low cost marketing tool for the real estate market no matter if you’re an agent, or a potential buyer, and or seller so in their point of view they see no reason on bringing back to life something that use to cost them hours of their weekend time, and more time away from their families.

Do I understand this, yes, that’s why I’m now saying pictures are no longer worth 1000 words, but instead your words are, and the pictures show proof that you aren’t exaggerating.

Look at the link below – would you be even a little motivated to want to go look at this home that is a short sale?

Split Creek Home


A good percentage of my Real Estate experience in the state of Georgia has been with Short Sales, and REO’s, and this absolutely breaks my heart because I know what is going to happen to this homeowner, and there isn’t a single thing that he or she can do about when the bank holds the power that they do in Short Sales.

What this homeowner needs to do is get his or her realtor to take many more photos and give the home an accurate description that will make potential sellers want to come see their house.  The homeowner will be much better off in the long run, and will walk away with a sale, and peace of mind at the same time, but with the way that things are going, given this ad it won’t sell, that homeowner will end up foreclosed on, and evicted, being left to feel completely powerless throughout the entire process, when in all honesty, because I have the experience that says that I can say this because I’ve seen it 1000 times – pictures and an accurate description of the exterior, interior, and surrounding community features could change everything, and gain the sale that these homeowners desperately need.

As a Realtor ask yourself if this is the kind of advertising that you want to give to your clients?  What if you were the client?  Would you want a Realtor to give you the bare minimum in services?  Do you want to be known as a realtor who does the bare minimum?  I know as a Real Estate Curator, Freelance Writer, and Internet Marketing Professional I don’t, and neither do any of the Realtor’s that I’ve both worked with and for over the years.  If the work in the Metro Atlanta area is to much to handle, I’d love the opportunity to assist you with your Real Estate Write Ups, and Real Estate Content in order to sell the homes that you are trying to move along all it takes is a simple phone call or email to start the process at an affordable cost.




2 thoughts on “A Picture Is Not Worth 1000 Words In Real Estate – Here’s Why

  1. Wonderful blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get
    there! Thank you

  2. Julie,

    Much of it has to do with your SEO, and Back Linking practices. If you are still looking for help in this department please dont hesitate to contact me. I’d love to consult with you about your needs.

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