The 10 Step Process To Choosing The Right Resume Writing Service

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The 10 Step Process To Choosing The Right Resume Writing Service

I’ve been a professional resume writer for over 12 years
and have never seen the level of scams, false advertisements and poor quality services that are on the Internet today until now.

You need to be very careful when choosing a professional resume writing service as anyone can put up an advertisement, website, or even a blog stating that they are the best resume writer in town. In fact some individuals are now tricking genuine job, and career seekers by ranking themselves #1 in Top Resume Writing Service lists. They then send the resumes overseas to be written and produce very bad, broken English resumes. Other firms and individuals deliver nothing more than a prettier format of what you have already provided them.

So here’s how the resume writing industry works and what you should look for when selecting a resume writing service.

  • Avoid the Scams. Unfortunately, there are a number of scams out there. Watch out for those who have Top 10, 7, and even 5 Resume Writing lists. These are generally companies overseas who have ranked their own site at the top in resume writing to trick you into thinking they are the top site.
  • Not really a scam, but you should carefully review those resume service sites that guarantee a job or they will not only refund your money, but give you money back as well. It sounds great, but I guarantee you, you won’t see your money, because of some hidden wording on their website, in the written contract, or just because they will find a way to fight you when you request a refund even through your bank because in this case you were still provided with the service that you ordered, and just because you aren’t happy with the finished documentation in most cases, with most banks, it doesn’t allot you a refund, because the service was still provided.

The safest way to ensure you’re going to get a quality product is to ask the right questions, ask for recommendations, as well as request, and view sample work after speaking with the person writing your resume, and or cover letter directly.

  • Unless you think you are like everyone else, avoid the resume writing factories and low-end providers. There has been an in-flux of new low-end resume writing services offering resumes at $30 or less and this almost always guarantees poor quality work.  These services don’t meet with clients, don’t speak directly with clients, and typically work on a platform / template service basis which offers you absolutely no security in establishing the position that you not only desire, but that you need in order to continue a quality life.A good resume takes hours to write and the best resume writers produce only 1-2 resumes per day, because in order to produce a quality resume, they need to spend time speaking with their client, they need to interview the client, with a clear set list of questions that discuss their goals, their past work history, their future outlooks that are both personal and professional, their education history as well as gather a list of references that they will check up on themselves to ensure that their client is providing references that will be beneficial to them in the long run (Trust me, I’ve had it happen, I’ve done reference checks where previous employers, and even friends have absolutely trashed my clients, and I’ve then called my client back and said “you need to provide me a different reference in replace of _________ to ensure that you get the opportunity that you are looking for, because this person gave you a bad reference, and this is what they said.”) A great resume writer, who truly has a customer service outlook will take the time to understand you and the best resume writers will take more than 24-48 hours to prepare your professional resume because it’s in your best interest if they do (so don’t rush them, don’t push them, and if you need a quality resume in an expedited amount of time, it’s still possible to receive, but the great ones will probably charge a little extra, because that is extra time away from their families, from their hobbies, from their lifestyle, and it will probably mean an up until 3 am night.)

    Your professional resume is THE MOST IMPORTANT document in your career and should not be rushed.

    Some resume writing factories will be “partners” with job boards (e.g. CareerBuilder) which is nothing more than a royalty they pay for every sale. Resume writing factories often use cookie cutter resume writing templates to produce a professional resume, so unless you are comfortable with that, find someone who will spend the time to understand how you are unique.

  • How does the web site  or blog look?  If they cannot organize their site and make it look attractive, then they can’t do that for your resume. However, this is not the only criteria to use. I know a company with mediocre resume writers that is successful solely because they have an attractive web site.
  • Look at their samples.  If you don’t like their resume writing samples, you surely won’t like their work. Look to see if they are focusing on skills and accomplishments as opposed to producing pretty resumes that just list job duties. Also look to see if they are using advanced techniques like color, testimonials and highlights to make your resume stand out from the crowd.  If they don’t show professional resume writing samples, then be very careful as there is no reason a resume writing service shouldn’t be able to show you an example of their work. They may not have resume examples for the kind of job you want, as a lot of people tend to copy the work, but some resume writing samples are a must.  Personally, for me, I have included a sample resume that is actually mine for writing on this blog.  I also have a John Doe resume that I created for a gentleman that was seeking a Federal position in security with the FBI (That resume took me 3 days to complete, and ended up being 9 pages long) He did in-fact end up obtaining the exact position that he was hoping to get, and ended up sending me an additional $150 bonus from his 1st  paycheck, because without my assistance he believed that he never would have been able to obtain that position on his own, and it was his humble, and grateful way of thanking me.


  • Check out their resume writing service process and make sure you get to speak to someone. A good professional resume cannot be written just from a questionnaire, and the best resume writers will insist on speaking to you. This way they can ask you insightful questions that highlight the skills and achievements that impress an employer. If they don’t interview you, this means they are just in this for the money, and not because they have any form of qualification that would benefit you in any way, shape, or form.  Steer clear, unless you want to remain in the same place you are in now (unemployed, underemployed, or just flat out miserable where you are at, wherever that is.)
    The best resume writing services will use both a questionnaire and a phone interview. The resume writing questionnaire will jog your memory and make you think a bit about things that you haven’t thought about in a while. In fact, it not only helps you get the best resume, it helps you prepare for a job interview, because what the good resume writers are doing is preparing you to be able to answer the same questions that a hiring manager will in your interview(s). High level executives would insist on a questionnaire and a phone interview and there is no reason that a good resume writer wouldn’t do the same thing, unless of course they are one of many who is just in this to make a quick buck (or $100).


  • Get a free resume evaluation. If they don’t offer one, then they are probably too weak to provide a good critique, or they rely on high volume and are one of the “factories” that use templates.Then notice if they call you or send you an email evaluation. Email evaluations are usually standard templates with a few words changed and anyone can produce them. is just one example of a resume writing service that sends you a lengthy, well-written evaluation that is 99% canned with a couple of sentences added. A really good resume writing service is not afraid to talk to you to understand your needs and indicate how they could help.


  • Call the company. Do you speak to a sales person or a resume writer? If you are speaking to a sales person, then they probably are more of a factory that does big volume and uses “cookie-cutter” templates.  A real resume writer will be personable, but probably not high on the sales aspect, I know I’m not, I don’t push, and sales is not one of my strengths, because in all honesty that’s just a part of my I’m extroverted, but introverted at the same time, and I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable therefor when it comes to sales, it’s just not in me, and if it were I’d probably be in that business, but I’m not primarily because I have a service oriented heart, and desire to provide quality service, at an affordable price, but the key words there are quality service, because the money comes in by providing what others don’t because it’s valuable, and needed to others, therefor it is worth the money for if it is done with the right reasons behind it.


  • Do they offer a guarantee? A good service will stand behind their work and offer to revise your resume for free if it is not working. You’ll want to choose a resume writing service that stands behind their product.


  • Ask about the price. Yes, the resume writing price is important but not as important as getting the best resume that works, also note that a good resume writer will have a per project rate, and will make pricing exceptions for those who are unemployed, and have a genuine need for assistance with their projects, if they are in this business for the right reasons.Remember: This is the document that defines your goals, your values, your character, your accomplishments, and many many other things, so spending your hard earned money on this document must be done wisely, and the assignment of the project must be given to someone that you know has your best interest in mind.


The Internet is a wonderful thing, but it has allowed anyone to offer resume writing services, regardless of their background. Use this 10-point checklist and you will be guaranteed to choose the right resume writing service for you. And I hope you will check out our professional resume writing service to see if I am a good fit for your current needs.

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