Is Your Resume Costing You?

Resume’s have become the topic of controversy over the last several years.  The reason that this has happened is because, most individuals have never been taught how to write a resume. 

Unfortunately, if you are reading this, and you have been searching for a new job for any length of time past a month, sent out resume after resume, and never get a phone call for an interview, it is time to start asking the question; Is my resume costing me the job, or career that I want?


Yes, it is possible, as someone who has worked in and around the HR field for the last 12 years I can tell you that unless the resume that I am looking at shows me structure, organization, a strong value set, and experience in a relative previous position held, I wouldn’t consider that candidate for a second. I know that, that sounds harsh, but it is the truth.


So, what can you do to take yourself from no phone calls, to numerous phone calls you ask?  Here are a few simple steps:


  • Have a professional review, and revamp your resume – we don’t always cover everything on our own, and a professional can help shine light on who you really are as well as the common values that employers, and employees have.
  • Have a professional create a new resume from scratch that adequately shows any potential employer, your strengths, goals, values, previous job history, and education (even if all you’ve finished is high school).
  • Only consider professional resume writers – there are many people out there just looking for a quick way to make money, a professional takes the time to sit down with you, discuss your background in heavy detail, discuss your goals, discuss the work life balance that you seek because of children, volunteer work, or just time to yourself, and creates a plan of action in writing that shows in both your cover letter, and resume.
  • Be open and honest with the professional that you are working with, don’t hide, or cover the truth if you are uncertain of where you want to be in your career right now, and are just looking for a job to pay the bills that is mistake number 1, because unless what you are doing makes you happy, you’re setting yourself up for failure via the form of a layoff, or firing.
  • Don’t give up – Once your resume is completed by a professional don’t give up, advertise yourself, make yourself wanted, sent out resumes for every open, applicable position that is in alignment with the resume that the professional has created for you, and keep practicing diligence in order to succeed at your goals.


The economy is tough, but it is recovering at a steady pace, and now is the time to establish your goals, and find the position that you’ve been desiring with the assistance of a professional who has the background and knowledge to adequately assist you.



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