The Startup Dilemma

For any of us that have gone through our first couple of years on our own we all know that it can be a struggle.  There are ups and downs that you feel like you’ll never share with anyone who understands, you’ll face opposition from the people that don’t understand why you don’t “just go out and get another 8-5 job” which in Metro Atlanta turns out to be a 6:30am – 8:00 pm work day including your commute time, and then you add in trying to find time to date, spend time with friends, serving the community, manage, and care for your family, and let’s not even begin to discuss trying to keep a house clean in the midst of all of that chaos.


So The Start Up Dilemma, what happens when you get past that first year, and you still don’t see a huge growth rate?  This is a place that I found myself recently, but what I’ve determined is that I was going about this, all the wrong way, I was trying to hard, I was focusing on the wrong aspects of my business that would bring in unreliable clients rather than the kind that I want, which are the respectable, reliable, and professional clients, and since making the changes that I have personally to my professional setup, I’ve begun seeing a growth that even I didn’t expect to see, because I had set the bar low in order to not disappoint myself (given the set backs that I’ve faced in this last year for those who know about my personal life this shouldn’t shock anyone) because I’ve needed some time to re-find myself, and re-find my own passions, but now that, that has happened, I’m back in a way that I haven’t been in quite a long time.

My advice to those who face what I call the Startup Dilemma is to keep going, don’t give up, turn your dreams into your career, and don’t stop until you achieve your goals, because at some point it hit me that if I stop, and I give up, it would be the first time I’ve ever given up on anything in my life, and because I have always picked my battles carefully, and only pick the battles that are something worth fighting for why would I want to quit at anything that is a dream, goal, vision, and a step in the direction of achieving my dreams? 

I’ve had a passion for writing (and reading which is why I don’t mind all of the research that I get hired to do) since I can remember, and I can’t think of a better career that represents my favorite things than being able to incorporate them and use those passions as a way to assist others in an area where they either 1) Don’t have the talent 2) Don’t have the time (usually the case) or 3) because it’s a way to free up more time.

Realtors are my primary clients, my name is no where listed on their websites, and blogs, but it’s been my preferred and most successful client base yet, because it leaves an unlimited amount of subject matters to cover on any given day, about any given area.

Atlanta Realtors have it better than they assume that they do, they have more options than they believe that they have, and with my monthly rates for Blog, and Social Management all of my present clients find it an unbeatable deal, because it saves them time, while growing their customer base, and giving them even more options on places to advertise new listings, and network with potential buyers, sellers, and even other agents.  It’s a sector that I’ve been around my entire life, and one that I have a passion and background in, so it is a niche area that has worked well for me, as well as the agents that I promote.

My advice to start ups would be to begin at finding someone reliable to drive traffic to your site through content that will draw people in, irregardless of your product, or service what everyone needs is content that sells, without sounding like you’re selling, but more about that in my next post.

Until then, don’t give up, and don’t give in.

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