Writing in Black and White or in Color

I’m definitely not an artist, I’ll leave that creativity to those who actually have that talent, but with words, I’d like to paint my clients, and future clients a picture of words.

Those who are reading my page are Web Developers, Internet Marketers, Real Estate Agents, and other business owners who I promote myself to on an above average basis.  Some have that talent that I don’t of having an ability to design, draw, and create through art, but my preference has always been to use my creativity through words either by writing, which leads me to this post.

Is it possible to write in black, and white, while using a little bit of color at the same time?  It’s a question that I’m asked frequently, because it’s a question that everyone that wants to promote themselves or their brand has, and what I start by telling them is that the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep themselves relevant, while providing information that the reader will want to read.

So what do people want to read when they type that phrase into Google, Bing, or Yahoo?

  • Relevancy
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Information

Did you notice I didn’t mention sales, sales pitches, or advertising?

Integrity, Reliability, Character, Values – they are all more important that you would imagine.  Reflect on your friends for a moment, when you met those people what drew you to them?  When you look at them now, what still draws you to them?  It all boils back to their Integrity, Reliability, Character, and Values doesn’t it?  As people search for jobs they seek the same qualities, as Hiring Managers search for employees they seek employees with those same qualities, so if it’s what the human population seeks out of others, what would make their business decisions and who they choose to do business with any different?

Forgive me, maybe I am being a bit to transparent with you, but then again, I’m not because transparency is a learned tactic that everyone who wants to be seen, and heard needs to learn.  Pick a topic, research it til you can’t gather anymore information, and write about everything relevant to the subject matter you have learned, so that you can teach others.  Did I say research?  Yes, I did, but that’s what sets me apart, because blind writing will get you nowhere, but writing with relevant research included promotes your brand, your service, your product, and you, productively.

Writing in black and white, while still being colorful about it is not as difficult as many make it out to be, but often times you find people are so focused on working their business that they do not have the time to write about their business, or come up with content that is relevant, or that they believe is worth reading; at that point because we do live in an information age, it is vital that they find a reliable content writer, and manager to write, and manage for them.

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